Kasper: 3444444 q,q,q,q,q,q,qqqqqqq

Well okay, a cat titled this blog, but whatever I’m fine with that XD

It was supposed to be called ‘Kasper: a significant success story!’

Now Kasper was the dog with many (many, many…) issues. At 9 months, when we adopted him, he had no recall, very little basic training (he knew sit and down), he was very scared of strangers, didn’t like any form of being touched or grooming, had separation anxiety, resource guarded anything from anyone, and would eat everything – including non-edibles!

Another thing –Β  he had the most immense prey drive I have ever witnessed!

ANYTHING was to be chased. He once caught a pigeon out of mid air. We would go on huge hikes, 40-60 minutes 3-4 times a day, and on each hike we’d barely see him because he’d be off in the trees chasing after birds, squirrels, deer…

His recall was atrocious, but even after a year with us when he’d gotten surprisingly good with recall, if he was already in the chase – it was hopeless!! We walked him on a longline for several years whilst I drilled home recall, impulse control, and engage disengage with him. Even now I will only let him off lead in semi-secure areas where I know there are no livestock, because although his recall sits at about 85%, sometimes he’s just a gobshite XD

Even on lead or in the house, he would lose his shit entirely around other animals.

If he saw a cat on a walk, even 60ft ahead, the next ten minutes would be him scrabbling madly on lead, sniffing, peering about, and whining. Same with squirrels. Same with deer. Same with rabbits. And birds. And hedgehogs.

When we got our first rabbit, the bunny lived in a run at the bottom of our garden, which at the time was a patio area at the top (which Kasper had access to) and then a 15ft lower garden (which Kasper didn’t have access to because there was no way to securely fence it). The rabbit lived at the very bottom, so as far away from Kasper as possible.

Kasper would pace and whine at the fence – which was a solid fence he couldn’t see through – because he knew there was a rabbit down there!!

It’s taken years and years of training, but we have seen huge improvement, especially in the house.

There have been instances where pets have fallen or flown to his paws, and he has responded with a leave it until I have collected them. He doesn’t pester our chickens, or cats, when they or him are secured away from each other.

But I NEVER thought he would be able to be loose around them.

Yet with intensive training, look what’s happened! πŸ™‚

I keep him on a longline just in case, but he has absolutely rocked it.

He’s able to focus on me when the cats are moving, when they follow him, and he’s not once gotten predatory with them…or even overly excited tbh.

Guys, I cannot stress enough how amazing the engage disengage is for reactive, excitable or fearful dogs!!

I also got to walk Kasper today (2nd time in two days, and no seizures each time!!), and we went to the beach. Once we were away from the road I held his lead, and we even squelched down the shore line so he could swim in the sea πŸ˜€


(my new phone can’t come soon enough – bring on October!!)


Mojo the magnificent

Mojo had one of his best ever training trips out today!

We walked up through the town centre, I sat outside a supermarket with him whilst my partner ran in, then we walked back. Town was really, REALLY busy, and he smashed it πŸ™‚

We saw three dogs walking past, and he didn’t react to any of them – not even that, but there was no fear or anxiety in his body language at all. He actually GREETED a dog (and watching his body language go from ‘omg wth!’ because the dog came around a blind corner (tucked tail, ears back) to confident and giddy (play bow, loose wagging tail) was amazing!!).

His focus on me was exceptional; eye contact when he was heeling, coming away from people, sitting and focusing perfectly as people walked by etc.

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Outside the supermarket he was on a dropped lead the whole time. Sometimes he would go sniff a few feet from me, then as soon as he saw people nearby he would run to play engage disengage with me – so cute and perfect!!

I managed to catch him with a little girl of about four nearby. Kids are hugely exciting for Mojo, so I was really chuffed with his behaviour here πŸ˜€

Yeah, he really blew me away today πŸ™‚

Also…how, HOW, is he so damn cute?!


Crappy days

I’ve had a rough last few days.

I’ve been trying to fit in several daily training sessions with Mojo a day, lasting no more than a few minutes each…”fit in” sounds like the wrong term when they’re so short, but having seizures kinda messes everything up, and I often run out of time or am not present enough to get training done.

We have been making good progress though, despite the teenage Mojo monster.

Finally (FINALLY) we are managing stays whilst I walk away from him. This has taken a shit ton of patience on my part, because little doofus (and especially little teenage doofus!) really struggles with impulse control, and the fact that training does not equal being right by me!


Showing off his roll over (HIS FAVOURITE TRICK EVA)

Working on some stim / anxiety alerts

And Toller practicing her leave it

And showing off her spin!

I taught her this a few weeks back, she learnt it in less than two minutes. I’ve been wanting to get a video ever since, and just constantly forgot…tripawd wonder dog πŸ™‚

Spoilt by my parents!

My parents came up for a visit yesterday, which was bad timing as I woke feeling really ill. I swallowed the highest dose of codeine I could, took 1/4 of a valium so I could have a nap, and was barely human when they arrived XD

Thankfully I improved throughout the day, possibly thanks to the wedge of cornflake tart they brought πŸ˜‰

We had a great day!

We went around a museum, which was honestly one of the best museums I’ve ever been to (and the first I’ve ever had a seizure at, and come to lying on the floor XD ), went for a walk around a stream and a deer park (no deer!), then had a meal. Afterwards they came in to meet the chickens, and saw some of the other pets too…that was actually one of my favourite bits haha, especially because they were super impressed with the mice I bred πŸ™‚

First, chicken cuddles!



They were on holiday in Scotland recently and found a really awesome pet shop…obviously that meant they had to get funky chews for my pups πŸ˜€

They got turkey legs (which I stupidly didn’t realise how HUGE they would be!!), deer bones (which are supposed to be like deer antlers and don’t splinter!), a filled hoof, and two boar trotters!!

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As soon as we got home Kasper tried (and LOVED!) a turkey leg.

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And Mojo got a bear trotter…of course he didn’t do any damage to it, even with gnawing on it for half an hour, but he enjoyed it, and watching him run around it in circles was hilarious!!

And here’s the nature exhibit at the museum. We had no idea what this museum was going to be like, this was the first room we walked into and it was AMAZING!!!

Egg art!


And we did a mannequin challenge…which my partner ruined XD

Twas a really REALLY good day, despite having to push through quite a few seizures πŸ™‚

More great training for Mojo

Mojo is being a huge teenage butt hole atm.

Teenage dogs are such PITAs. Each teenage dog is different; for Mojo, being a teenager involves what little impulse control he has disappearing, jumping up ALL THE TIME, offering heeling ALL THE TIME (which doesn’t sound like a PITA thing, but it is when he gets frustrated when I ignore him because I want him to run about off lead and have fun!!!). And generally being arsier and sassier.

Little brat


But despite him being a teenager, he’s still progressing wonderfully in his training with dog reactivity, and he was also AMAZING when we had a meal out at a pub the other day.

Long story short, two children under 10 joined us in a pub’s beer garden. We went out because both me and my partner were ill, and we wanted toΒ relax. Instead we had two kids bothering us for forty minutes, because their lazy parents couldn’t be arsed entertaining them!!!

The kids were absolutely lovely, very polite and engaging, but having to manage them around a 5 month old Terrier puppy whilst answering question after question about epilepsy, Mojo, dogs, pets etc etc etc was not what I wanted πŸ˜‰

Mojo however was fabulous. He coped with having two noisy, erratic kids around flawlessly – he’s barely met any children, and when he did it was for just a minute before we moved on. I was super proud!

He was around these kids for over 40 minutes and they were bouncing footballs, yelling, jumping about, sitting in flower pots, picking him up…he took it all in his stride πŸ˜€

Here you can here them bouncing a football, less than 3ft from Mojo!

Kids sat either side of him, yet look at that wonderful focus! ❀

Here he is not reacting to dogs barking at him from a garden

Here he is heeling

Ain’t he great?!

That brings us to today’s walk – the world threw so much shit at us, and Mojo sailed through it all!

This included somebody following us in a field with two large dogs, playing fetch and purposefully throwing the ball towards Mojo. AND a Miniature Poodle that somebody allows to stray from their garden, across a small field, and then through a giant field full of livestock!!

When we stumbled across the dog it was in yet another field, on the other side of a hill to it’s house. It was blocking the path barking at us, and when Mojo was in our arms, the dog ran around us barking and growling.

When I saw that the dog would run, and not fight, I used the dog for training purposes with Mojo…he was BRILLIANT!!

Lots of engage disengage, some displacement behaviours, excitement, frustration, confidence…it was really great to see πŸ™‚

We sat here five minutes waiting for an owner to appear (we didn’t know the dog was allowed to stray at that point), but when none did, we left Mojo off lead and carried on following the path. When we moved towards the dog, it ran away. Eventually it ducked into the next field, then into another, and ran across that one to it’s back garden. When the owner saw us, she started yelling for the dog. Arsehole.

And after that, we were then trapped in a different field close to home, by a local dog walker. She had a group of 10+ dogs looping about bored in a field, from Bichon to Husky size, and the fence was just 3ft tall.

No way was I risking a dog jumping over (it’s happened in the past) and I didn’t want them all barking at Mojo and pushing his reactivity back. So we sat for half an hour waiting for her to bugger off XD

Photos of the little scruff enjoying himself!



Doing a sit stay at a distance


Malfunctioning XD

And looking cute πŸ˜‰



New collars from Woofery AU: review!

Hey guys, we’re back on the dog stuff!

Kasper recently got two new collars arriving all the way from Australia!

Woofery is a shop that sells dog gear, previously paracord dog gear and snuffle mats, but recently they’ve branched out to fabric dog collars…and they are beautiful!!

As soon as I saw these collars for sale in their shop I got in touch asking if I could buy both for Kasper πŸ˜€


Both these collars were at a reduced price as there were very minor faults (these were some of the first collars made, so sizing, buckle layout etc were still being perfected). None of these ‘faults’ affected how the collars worked, their strength, or (with the blue one especially) their auesthetic – Β you couldn’t spot that it was anything other than perfect unless you had a magnifying glass haha!

Despite living half the world away, postage was insanely cheap and they arrived less than two weeks after purchase (8 working days). Aren’t they gorgeous?!

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These collars are 1 inch wide, which I love.

I also appreciate the large D clip (because damn does Kasper love to make getting that lead on / off difficult!!); but although it’s a very accessible size, it’s also not too thick for lead clips. The Zero DC Short, for example, has a large but extremely thick D clip, and we have a few leads that actually can’t attach to that harness due to the thickness of the clip. These collars will be perfect for situations like that!

I made Mojo pose with both collars, which as you can see he was VERY happy to do πŸ˜‰

And later on we had a mini photoshoot so Kasper could show them off!

Undortunately when you can’t use your good camera due to seizures, and are stuck with an ancient shitty camera phone, the photos aren’t gonna turn out very good 😦 Add Kasper’s neck fluff into the equation, and you’re basically just “ooing” at the pretty dog and assuming the collars are as beautiful as I say XD

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of my favourite things about these collars is that they areΒ triple stitched, and should withstand even Kasper’s mad pulling when he sees a cat on walks!!


Now not only are these collars beautiful and well priced, but the money also goes to a great cause. The creator is a fellow spoonie, and all proceeds go into training her assistance dog to help with her disabilities!

Alongside fabric collars they also sell paracord collars, paracord tugs, paracord leads, and snuffle mats. Collars can be buckle or martingle, and leads can have multiple D clips (so the length can be changed) πŸ™‚

You can go drool over the products either on instagram: @woofery.au

OR on their facebook page here:Β https://www.facebook.com/wooferyau/


No automatic alt text available.

I’m already wanting some extra collars for the other pups, but I might have to wait and gather more monies first XD

Anywho, they are well worth checking out, and we rate our collarsΒ 4 out of 4 paws!

Your daily dose of feathered cuteness!

I will post some dog stuff later tonight (yay mania, I don’t need sleep!) or at least tomorrow…

But for now, I’m all about the chickens πŸ˜‰

And when they’re this cute, who can blame me?!




Today the girls have settled in even more! This means more cuddles, more free ranging, and they’re doing better with the cat-dogs! We put a barrier in front of their crate so the other pets can’t get *too* close, and the girls have stopped panicking when anybody’s on the other side. Piper is even curious about everybody!

Today they tried Dubia roaches (babies and even an adult!!) for the first time, and darkling beetles. Both were a huge hit πŸ˜‰

And as for me, I’m still the happiest I’ve ever been!!!